while reading through all their printed material in a genuine effort for product knowledge, this was what stood out the most:

"Our products are named after places and districts in our hometown Stockholm. This is also what the coordinates on the packaging refers to. In the process of naming we put no values in the choice of locations but rather make sure they are all important building blocks of what an urban environment is made up of. If visiting Stockholm punch them into a GPS and explore them to get a good idea of what this town is about, or maybe not."

of course they also have what you would expect from a good looking scandinavian collective; industrial and graphic designers, tech nerds, designed with you in mind, bold colours, striving to minimize impact on the earth...blah, blah, blah... but the quote above, we thought, exemplifies how clever these guys really are without being obnoxious about it.

grattis urbanears. hålla uppe det goda arbetet!

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