Since 1978, Swedish company Audio Pro has been gracing people all over the world with thoughtfully designed speakers with the ambition of providing superb sound quality at the best price possible. We, at walrus, have the honour of being the first in the PNW to home these babies! Just in time for the summer festivities!

Catapulting into the audio industry over three decades ago with 'the cult speaker A4.14' - a 14 litres box with a built-in amplifier and ACE-Bass - Audio Pro has been continuously evolving and changing the game. What's ACE-Bass, you say? Karl-Erik Ståhl, an engineer behind many of Audio Pro's innovations, designed and patented ACE-Bass, which allows a deep bass from small subwoofers. Thus became small speakers with booming audio and bass!

Not only is the sound quality designed with technical precision, but the Audio Pro team tests the sound themselves. They spend endless hours in their listening room, as well as test prototypes at their homes.

In shop, we carry three sizes in a variety of colours suitable for any occasion with the different perks - the Addon T3, Addon T5, and Addon T10 Gen 2.  

All have a genuine leather handle, details in solid aluminum, USB for charging devices, and the latest Bluetooth 4.0 allowing wireless connection to any device (iOS ®, Android ®, Windows Phone ® and Mac / PC).

- Awarded Product of the Year 2015 - Best portable wireless speaker, and Best Product in 2016
- Portable speaker with battery designed to last verrrrry long: full 30 hours at half volume and 12 hours at maximum volume
- Available in colours: white, grey, black, pink, orange 

- Optimized acoustic design with deep bass 
- Available in colours: white, grey, black, pink, orange

- Dual audio inputs
- Output for a powered subwoofer
- Available in colour: Grey (but we can also order black or white, if anyone really wants!)

We are so happy and excited to have these gorgeous and powerful machines! Love our T10 that's blasting our jams in the shop. Come by to take a listen. 

"Music should be felt, not just heard."

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