hosting events and gatherings are really not an easy task. cheers to those who spend their extra time and energy bringing us together to create some great memories. a thoughtful little host gift is always a nice token of appreciation. here are some of our ideas!

joji fukushima cedar coasters // handmade and cut in vancouver. bring out its natural cedar scent by placing your hot cups on top. 

magnetic cable photo holder // attach 6 snapshops onto this hanging cable for a cool minimalistic twist on traditional photo frames. 

crankshaft music box // turn the crank to play a classic song from this pocket-size music box. 

magnetic bottle openers // open any bottle with this bottle opener- made with a bent nail and a magnet to catch the loose lid. 

brass keyrings // simple yet elegant keyring that will keep all your important pieces together

scatter garden // create a little garden with these ready-to-use flower seed packages.

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