i know you've heard us say this before, but these are some more sweet and talented people who have been working their little butts off getting this exhibit together.  we've had and currently have a couple of these designer's/artists featured in our shop before and think they're pretty awesome...

Hook-ness: "Departures" from Amanda Huynh on Vimeo.

Emilie Madill, Jeff Werner, Michelle Fu, Amanda Huynh, Joshua Doherty, Anna Gukov, Joji Fukushima

221A Artist Run Centre presents hook-ness, a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of seven Vancouver-based designers who explore the complexities of ‘hook’. Each designer questions the conventions and assumptions of hooks—offering an array of new findings, interpretations and narratives.

The hook-ness exhibition is the first of a series of investigative studies conducted under the scope of the -Ness project, conceived by Vancouver designer and curator Joji Fukushima. -Ness explores a strategy of design investigation where mundane events and phenomena are examined and re-designed to expose the limitations of our established perceptions.

Opening Reception:

7:00pm, Friday, May 21, 2010

come out and show your support. 

more info at http://hook-ness.com

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