the ankle boot

the slipper

the 'shoe'

"A hobby that grew...
In 1993, Nanny Glerup started producing slippers made of felted wool on a small scale, simply as a hobby.They were so well received by friends and family that she decided to make it her living.However she was able to manufacture 2 pairs only a day. Since then she has developed new production techniques and over the years she has developed and refined the products, assisted by her husband Ove Glerup. It took them 10 years to succeed this project, after several experiments and trashed machines.Now her felt products are sold throughout Denmark."

natural glerup felt facts:
  • alkaline salts and lanolin combine to form the most pure and natural soap - which washes and cleanses the wool - reason why you can clean these without the use of soap
  • waterproof, while still being breathable
  • impurities, like sweat, cannot penetrate the fibres

ok. these are just ridiculous.  you have to try a pair on.  i think they're the only slippers you'll ever need.  

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