From baking christmas cookies and decorating the house, to wrapping all the gifts and preparing Christmas dinner, Moms do a lot to make sure everyone in the family enjoys the holidays. And while Moms might claim to want only having the family together on Dec 25, a little something under the tree won't hurt. In case you're stuck on what to give this special lady, we thought we'd share some of the things we've gifted our Moms for Christmas.  Merry Christmas, Mom. Love, Walrus.

Glerup Slippers 

What's not to love? They're warm, cozy and look great. Daniel's mum loves these so much she refuses to travel without them. 


Designers Hiroko Kobayashi and Neil Prakash are professional architects by day, and jewelry designers by night. Their exquisite pieces are designed in Vancouver and handmade in Japan. Mom's are notorious for not spoiling themselves, so why not do it for them? Caroline's mum teared up a little when she unwrapped these beauties. More styles available in store as well. 

Espro French Press 

Paulina's mum loves to entertain so she gave her the large Espro French Press. It's insulated stainless steel design not only looks elegant but also keeps coffee pipping hot. It prepared a delicious cup of coffee to accompany Christmas dessert.

Areaware Animal Pillows 

Cynthia is the newest person to join the Walrus family. She plans on expanding her mum's menagerie of three cats (Kiki, Totito, and Rayita) and two dogs (Dali and Gala) with a cat Areaware Animal Pillow. 


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