friends, romans, countrymen...lend me your 'urbanears' March 30 2010

sorry, super cheesy.  but these headsets are not. 
a collective out of scandinavia, these headsets are, well, somewhat delicious...

so naturally they look good, but what's their deal?
  • 40mm handmade driver provides a richer, more secluded sound
  • max. output of 40mW is perfectly balanced for iphones, ipods, blackberrys, instruments, etc.
  • zound plug - translation: a socket that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing you are - so, so good. ditch that splitter. (only available in the 'plattan' - larger size)
  • microphone and remote two way compatibility - compatible with most devices and allows you the freedom to listen to music and receive phone calls on the fly
  • fabric cord - tangle free, ideal for all types of action sports and is cleaner and more durable than the average coated cable

 come on in and try them out.