Here are a few gift ideas we have in the shop for those drinking mums out there! For the "hostest with the mostest" mothers. Whether it's coffee, tea, wine, whiskeys or just plain H2O, we have something for every momma who appreciates a good bevie.

Stelton // classic and slick look for everything stelton - a company out of denmark. so nicely designed. stainless steel with accents of wood.
tea vacuum with adjustable infuser, pitchers, stove top espresso maker, milk jug/steamer, and to go cups (not pictured)

Menu // beautifully designed glass tea infuser with adjustable silicone string to stop the infusion. the heat-resistant glass allows tea lovers to enjoy the visuals and aromas as your tea steeps. 

Thay Tea // speaking of tea... absolutely love this tea! herbalists and master blenders put together the finest loose leaf teas. flavours include: lavender early grey, soothe, energy, and more!
Mellifera Bees honey // yummy local and organic infused honey. variety of flavours that do great in tea, on ice cream, or just from the spoon! lemon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom in shop. 

Espro // maybe tea isn't what your mom wants in her cup.. for the coffee lovers, our favourite espro french press is a lifelong coffee companion! double micro filtered so the first cup tastes just like the last. 

Cathy Terepocki // mugs, tumblers, bowls, planters, and vases all handmade & hand painted locally! beautiful designs including an owl, bee, mushroom, feather, bird and more.

Lustered Walnut // stoneware pottery made by a couple in California with love and care. "modern charm for home and table" gorgeous pieces are hand decorated with under glazed graphite and all hand crafted. mugs, vases, planters, tumblers.

Menu // fave! if it's gotta do with wine, i'm with it! wine breather that oxygenizes your reds, can be used in the carafe or returned to the bottle. & keep white wines chilled and aerated with the cool breather - just freeze the inside cooling stick and enjoy!

Teraforma // a wine lover's essential! freeze these cute wine twirls and & keep your glass chilled for at least 45 minutes without dilution. 

W&P // new and so much fun. the pineapple is said to be the symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. welcome a fun mother's day (night) w/ the three piece pineapple cocktail shaker and set of pineapple shot glasses! 

Drake General Store // local company designs these simple yet awesome tumblers. fox, mountie, pine, sun, and moon in shop!

Happy Mother's Day shopping! As always, we're here to lend you a helping hand.

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