Amanda Huynh
Based on traditional Japanese furoshiki cloths and wrapping techniques, Knot can be used as both a laptop case and as a scarf. A pattern of small felt triangles is sealed between a coloured cotton layer and a water-resistant nylon layer. This pattern in the material allows Knot to accommodate the corners of a laptop as well as provide interesting form as a garment.


Anna Gukov
In a jewelry box of ghosts and relics lay buried memories of what has passed between family, lovers and friends. Jewelry tells a story about its owner, however not all such stories need to be shared. This pendant can be worn on its own or to cover an object of personal significance. Resurface is constructed by hand from genuine leather and suspended on an oxidized silver chain.

Lock Light

Jeffrey Werner & Joshua Doherty
Do you put your U-lock in your back pocket? Lock Light was inspired by how we usually carry U-locks behind us while riding: bungeed to racks, strapped to bags, hung on belts, and of course tucked in back pockets. Attach the light to the lock to provide some posterior illumination. The light has a durable aluminum shell and red LEDs with solid and blinky settings. Fits most U-locks.

Party Lock

Jeffrey Werner & Joshua Doherty
Manufactured in Vancouver, Party Lock is an extended take on the traditional bicycle u-lock. At two-and-a-half feet of zinc-plated steel, it’s designed to secure your bike, your friend’s bike, or your family’s bikes—or anyone else you’re pedaling about with—because those who cycle together stay together.

Funeral for Objects

Joji Fukushima
Many things can be tossed into a garbage can, but not everything should be thrown out like everyday rubbish. This is a funeral kit for your important objects. It consists of the materials necessary for a ceremonial cremation of artifacts from your past. Maybe it is time to say farewell to those objects that no longer mean as much as they used to.

Three jars

Misha Olynyk
These jars are hand selected across different times and places and revived as a one of a kind collection. Each new lid is a precise replica of the original, now hand-turned in solid walnut and finished with a food-safe blend of mineral oil, bees and carnauba wax, produced in the Fraser Valley. Consider each set carefully, as no two are alike.
$159 / set

i wish you could all just reach in to touch and feel the quality of these thoughtfully designed pieces.  if you want something extra special...may we gently say that this is the way to go? 

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