"Vancouver just has too much to see and do, even in the rain. The drawings I did for the show feed off images and the environment of this city. As I was working on the pieces (that you can see at the show), I had a few printouts of pics I took while roaming around. Along with photos, I did a couple sketches of stuff related to Vancouver.

For one of the pieces, I drew a market similar to the one pictured.

Houses with nice detailing.

Totems seem to be everywhere in this city.

I haven't been to the top of Harbour Centre since I was about 8 years old but it is still a great landmark.

Another view of the Harbour Centre.

The blue house in North Van has a new owner and I hope they keep it blue.

One of the sketches I did specifically for the work in Drawing On Vancouver.

More sketches for Drawing On.

Just a bit of the inspiration that helped me do the drawings for Drawing On Vancouver"

Randy is one of the most professional and passionate artists I've met, (while still being easygoing).  He practices his craft daily and it shows...I had a conversation with Eames Demetrios once (the grandson of the Eames') and his whole deal was to 'take your joy seriously', and whenever Randy visits, I'm reminded of that sentiment...

randy laybourne: http://lookforwardtothepast.wordpress.com/
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