think these are only good for the women in your life?  don't forget about your single brother/friend...who, when you walk into their home, they have that faint (or overwhelming) scent of stale socks or leftover pizza in their place.  toss out their febreeze, these are perfect and trust me, they wouldn't think of buying it for themselves! they need your help...and they wonder why they're still single...

these diffusers are available in festive scents - winter fir and cranberry clove
the bottles are simple and the scents are some of the best we've ever smelled...
$44 for a set of 2

new to ilio are these soy candles! delicious fragrances, has a cleaner, safer burn, soy is a renewable resource, has a better scent throw, burns 30% - 50% longer, and is made in the States
$22.50 (40 hour burn time)

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