....if it hasn't already. not to make you short of breath, or tense in the neck or anything,  but time waits for no one. whether you celebrate hannukah or christmas or festivus for that matter...not to worry, there is still time!
for the next 24 days, we're going to show you 24 things that we think are pretty great and hope you do to. 
hmmm...what should we start with? here's a good one:

yup. you're seeing these right. this clever company uses the grain of the wood to create the scene for each breakfast or cutting board, how thoughtful! 

available in 2 sizes; small for $25 and large for $50 (add some missing goat jams or chutneys) and you've got the perfect something for that skater, skier, golfer, swimmer, cheese lover, foodie..or simply anyone who appreciates simple pleasures. stock is tight on some of the faves, so see you soon!

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