we have a table full lovely items at 25% off. see below and more in store!

local company deserving thyme - these at home 'spa' gift packages are an easy one for $21.

these beautiful glasses make any drink taste better...

kitchen tools made of olive wood - love these! beautiful to handle...for your kitchen, for a housewarming, wedding shower...

time for a new laptop case? ipod case? blackberry, cellphone?...redmaloo looks for an idea behind each product, be it functional or emotional. they want to introduce a human touch and warmth to the functional world of electonic devices. and why not?
we'll be sad to see these go, but are sure they will find a good home. the gourmet collection reintroduces the disposable tin food container in fine porcelain as a way of addressing our perceptions of quality, value and high-end design. the entire collection is handmade by ms. barrezueta from her studio in brooklyn, ny.
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