these beautifully crafted french presses are available in two sizes; 4-5 cups or 1-2.
classic and timeless with their wood handles and dripless spouts. 

equally as handsome are the milk & sugar pourer.
for the designers, these classic pourers evoke childhood outings to Italian ice cream parlours and coffee houses. the sugar pourer is calibrated to release sugar in a small, fixed measure, ideal for espresso drinkers. and for those of you who love their dishwashers, yes, they are dishwasher safe. 

this beautiful tea ball is a reinterpretation of the great British teapot and has already become a classic. embraced by top teahouses and restaurants in England, the tea ball has won praise from trade publication and tea aficionados the world over.

features ergonomic handles, drip-proof spout, and removable stainless steel infuser suitable for loose-leaf or bagged tea.

also available in 2 sizes.

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