you know what i love about these guys?  they have an idea and they get it done.  not only do they get it done, but they get it done in an earnest way.  here's the deal:

'Breaking Bread Sessions is a series of podcasts where Matt and Vince have a meal with an individual that is in the creative field. The conversations are taped giving the listener an opportunity to be a fly on the wall to gain insight on how that creative person ticks. We were influenced by Adrian Shaughnessy's, except we substituted music for food and we're not as classy. We are unapologetic about the sound quality and we welcome the interruptions during the interview. Enjoy.'

my take is that these podcasts are great to listen to while i'm working on the computer, cleaning the house...etc.  
fast forward, rewind...take it as you will.  they've got a great line up. 

consider this part I of an introduction to mr. miyagawa. 

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