beautiful, perfect & balanced... March 28 2011

those are words that came to mind when we first set eyes on these jewellery pieces.  no surprise when we found out they were designed by architects.  we're honoured that hiroko and neil decided to share their work with us. 

"hk+np studio is a Vancouver based jewelry design studio, that utilizes techniques and forms derived from the architectural backgrounds of its partners. The partners met in 2005 while apprenticing at the office of Nick Milkovich Architects Inc. with Arthur Erickson.

All of our products are designed in Vancouver, Canada, and produced with exemplary craftsmanship and surface finish in Niigata, Japan."

pieces are available in 3 finishes; mirrored, brushed and 'honed' (i didn't know what it was either - similar to brushed, but takes more work and has a polished, more even finish).  if you know architects like we know architects - this collection is a stunning example of design, craftsmanship, and quality. from the packaging to the piece itself....architecture at its 'small scale' best.
just listen to their inspiration: 
"The twist series is inspired by the interplay of light reflecting off a water ripple. A shimmer of light illuminates the ripple not in it’s entirety, but only as it dissipates over time. similarly, with it’s twisted form, the bangle is never illuminated in it’s entirety, but accentuated with changes in light and motion." wow.