...for you.  it's going to be a good one and we hope to see you here!  just look at this roll call. 

Show Statement: Vancouver is awesome and the artists that live here are an amazing and hard working bunch. The neighbourhoods, people and environment of this city create a place where one can gather inspiration on a simple walk down the street. This show gathers a few locals and a couple outsiders to celebrate Vancouver through drawing. A drawing can be as simple as a sketch done in seconds or can take months of detail and labour. They are more than just the pre-planning process of a larger work. Drawings can have a looseness that give a greater feeling of immediacy.

thanks to randy laybourne,(lookforwardtothepast.com) for curating, jeff hamada (boooooom.com) for the invite, and vancouver is awesome (vancouverisawesome.com) for sponsoring. 
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