that is the sound you'll make when you cozy up in one of these babies.
"the iconic Fatboy Original is everyone's friend. It proved to stand out and fit in anywhere, without acting like its some better version of itself." size: 140 x 180 cm

the 'original'. available for special order in marimekko patterns: "Marimekko Fatboy® pays respect to innovation by letting fashion icon Marimekko® use the Fatboy® as a three-dimensional canvas for their exciting prints. Marimekko® was founded in 1951 by Armi and Viljo Ratia in Finland and became a fashion icon in the 60's when First Lady Jackie Kennedy included seven Marimekko® dresses in her wardrobe."  
the 'original' and the 'point'

"point is the dot on the i for everyone's home. you always have those moments that you could use an extra whatever. whether you use it to hold up your aching feet or to install your child in front of the television"  
size: 50 Ø / 35 (h) cm  

the 'junior'  size: 140 x 80 cm
the 'doggie lounge':  produced in a strong nylon material that repels moisture and shuts out unpleasant odours...the cover can be removed and washed in 30 degrees. available in two sizes.  small: 60 x 80 x15 cm and large: size: 120 x 80 x 15 cm

can i use my fatboy outdoors?  we don't recommend you leave it outside, but on a dry day/evening? go for it! but remember to bring it back in! unless you want to offer your neighbourhood raccoon a comfy new home.

how do i clean it?  wipe it with lukewarm water and a neutral soap.

it's decreasing, is this normal? yes, it’s normal that the filling will decrease by use.
not to worry, you can order a refill!

we have a few in stock, ready for instant gratification, or we have all the colour swatches in for you to pick your favourite colour.  approximate lead time?  2 weeks.

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