i have to tell you, they are great for kids. here are just a few scenarios:

rainy day boots? tuck these light weight shoes into their packs so they can take off their boots and slip into these for indoor play!
going on a road trip? what better than to wear them on those long car rides, easy to slip on and off - especially if your final destination is a warm one.
going on an airplane?  why put them through the misery of having to lace up their shoes when they have to take them off in security?  we already have our hands full with other things, with natives - they can do it themselves.
going to the pool? perfect!
to the beach? even better. they'll protect those cute little toes better than the open toed/sandal option.

really, the scenarios are almost endless.  come in and try a pair on for yourself, i know you wanna match your little one....  ; )
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