if you missed it, see what you missed...if you came, thank you for joining in the festivities.

giant installation of cat's cradle for the window..beautiful... 

perusing the diverse body of work 

the 2 Alcuin Award recipients; robert chaplin and grace patridge 
congrats you two!!

beautiful hand bound journals featuring the photography of julian hecht
 come see, feel and touch...

risograph notecards, sets of 8

vancouver's forecast; 'cloudy with a chance of sun' in men's and ladies

'the cheaper show' lithograph prints. limited number available and these are absolutely stunning.

we also have some more prints and photographs in store for sale.  come down and see their work in person...not only are they sweet, kind and thoughtful individuals, but they are so good at what they do and we are thrilled to share it with you.  they've just redone their site, so if you haven't done so already, check it out:  http://workingformat.com/

more photos of the event on facebook.
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