Unfortunately, the weather outside is not ideal for growing plants right now but that doesn't mean that you can't have some greenery inside either. If you haven't already grown your own herbs and flowers, give it a try with these adorable starters sets from Japan. They provide you with everything you need to start a small plant by the window and can be transferred into bigger pots once established.

These are easy to follow and great as little gifts or stocking stuffers. 

flowering fortunes // hidden inside each of these good luck charms is a fortune and pack of flower seeds to be sown. 
hedgie green // grow basil, wild strawberry, or mint in these mini hedgehogs that contains everything you need to get started.
shippon // perch your shippon on any glass or mug of clean water and watch as your plant grows with water soaked up through the tails. 


sunography // solar-powered photography. place any object or photo negative on the sunography paper and expose it to sunlight and rinse to reveal rich blue print. 

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