these pieces came in just before the holidays. we didn't have a chance to share them with you, but they deserve a proper introduction!  all 3 companies are local too. 



these teas are beautiful!  here is how they describe themselves:

 "A Vancouver-based company that embraces the contemporary lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, offering a classic beverage with a fresh look."  delicious hot or cold.
when daniel and i read the ingredients on these soaps, we were pretty shocked to read just how pure and simple they were! from the packaging to the quality, and the people behind them...they've been moving quickly and smell good enough to eat...

more scents available in the shop.

•all soaps are all natural and handmade. they contain no synthetic dyes or fragrances. they are also vegan friendly as they contain no animal products what-so-ever. the base oils of the soap are palm, coconut and olive.
•the ingredient list is on each box with the non-latin names in brackets. due to the minimalism of the soap, each bar is typically safe for sensitive skin types.

lastly, when phillip adam came in with his wife, judy and daughter nicola - they looked like a hair / skin commercial.  their skin was glowing and their hair was supple and shiny!  the products spoke for themselves...

a little about this family run company:

"in working with a cosmetics chemist, they were able to formulate a shampoo with apple cider vinegar as the principal cleansing agent. the final product performed without dulling natural or colour-treated hair.

with the success of the shampoo, phillip has gone on to produce a hair conditioner, body wash and body lotion all with the same attention to detail. all considered essential for daily family use, the products are infused with natural botanical extracts are biodegradable, and are SLS-free."

we have the lotion, wash, shampoo and conditioner in an assortment of sizes. 
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