A Japanese company that has been producing stationary and paper products since 1950, Midori creates objects that are well made, clever and easy to use, beautiful to handle and pretty nice to look at. Details do not go unnoticed and we love it!

The Traveler's notebook has a simple leather cover and a changeable paper notebook insert. The simplicity of its design makes for a million note-taking, note-storing and organizing possibilities - only your imagination can bring it to the limits of its usability. A regular wallet-size and a smaller passport-size are available.

The leather cover is made in Chiang Mai where it is tanned with plant tannins, cut to size and bound with rubber that is fixed by a small tin clasp. The rubber band keeps everything in place while the cover takes the grunt of the elements, a stress that will beautifully age the leather exterior rather than deteriorate the protected interior.


The notebook on the interior can be swapped or layered and there are special add-ons like plastic envelopes or cardholders that can be inserted to customize the notebook to your needs.



Brass collection pens and pencils celebrate brass as a material that will change in texture and colour over time.They have clever interchangeable writing tips so that you can easily switch between pen and pencil or refill the tool as its disposable pieces get used up and worn down.


 Pieces that age gracefully and that help our young distant thoughts stay intact. Sounds good to me!


Regular Notebook $59.90

Passport Notebook $56.00

Brass Pencil $21.00

Brass Pen $27.00





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