'Sometimes I am inspired by a physical component of a building, and other times its is the very live and exciting potential existing within piles of materials on construction sites.  I see shapes and forms in these environments that compel me to respond and create with clay.  I think of our engagement with architecture and manipulate those conceptual interactions by creating objects reminiscent of this.' - Sarah Peloquin

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'The "di" pendant light was born from the Dadi birdhouse design collaboration with Angel Dawn. The birdhouse features one side of the form's profile which functions to keep rain water out and allow for leather straps to join the top and bottom halves. As I sculpted the master form in clay, I loved the way it appeared from the side profile and I thought the show would be a great opportunity to create a simple hanging light fixture to highlight the overall design using the same mold!' - Diane Espiritu

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'In my recent work, I have been interested in ideas of fable and English folklore.  I will often begin a piece of work from a line of poetry or narrative idea.  I found that medieval stoneware water/cider jugs seemed a good inspiration for the vessels which carry the folklore imagery.  The work for this show is a break for me and I have been interested in the marriage of a kind of 'random ornateness' in and around a formal infrastructure that seems to have definite, formal rules and yet might be hard to read as a pattern.' - Russell Hackney

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'My work is fuelled by the intimacy, comfort and the daily nourishment it provides.  I am passionate about re-evaluating familiar forms: accentuate volume, considering light and shadow and investigating proportion.  Working in series or sets, I am focussed on the way objects interact with one another compositionally creating a whole from many.' - Kelly Austin

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'plastic tubs (2012), slightly crushed can (2013), and graffiti spraypaint can (2013) are the latest additions to a body of work started in 2006 referencing the culture of disposability.  When transformed into porcelain, these objects offer us a different, strangely elegant, type of permanence.' - Claire Madill of Heyday Design

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'I'm interested in how things are put together especially when things were made by hand with lots of attention to detail; a building, a garment, a table.  I guess I'm always analyzing, usually sub-consciously the design and process of everyday objects in my surroundings.  One of the most beautiful forms in the natural world I think is a chestnut.  A perfectly imperfect form and it feels good in your hand!' - Cathy Terepocki

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