Some people just have everything- are you stuck trying to find a gift that they would still appreciate and use? Lucky for you, we've got a few things in store that might be up their alleys. 

AI // Joji Fukushima- set of 6 wooden geometric spinning tops, Vancouver-made. $39

J Schatz // hand-crafted ceramic birdhouses and feeders, attracts birds with beautiful colours, easy to clean and use. starting at $182

Menu // nut hammer, ash wood shaft and cast iron top with silicone holder, place a nut in silicone holder and hit hammer against hard surface to crack nuts without the mess. $59.95

Menu // concrete circular bowl, use it for dough-making, salad-tossing, or as decorative piece. $131.95

Rivsalt // stainless steel salt-grater, includes pink Himalayan salt rock and natural oak desk stand to make this a beautiful table centre piece. $31

// adult colouring books
Fantastic Cities- Steve McDonald $19.95
Secret Garden- Johanna Basford $31

Areaware // hand hook, cast in resin from the designer's hand, mount on walls to hand light items or hold small personal items. $80

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