Restock in some of our favourite skin care products!


Body Butters // moisturizing all natural ingredients and essential oils 
Bohemian, Night Market, Wild Heart $28

Whips // lightweight and nourishing, vegan formula of all natural ingredients and essential oils
Breeze, Fog, Smoke, Spa Day, Daydream $28

Fire // hand-poured soy candles with wood wick for aesthetic and clean burn, 50hr burn time
Fall Forever, Smoke, Soft, Bohemian, Fresh Morning $26

Eye Repair Elixir // stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness, soft, light, and hydrating, contains vitamins A, C, and E $42

Soak // chamomile and orange relaxing bath soak with detoxifying Himalayan salts and Coarse Dead Sea salts $24

Rejuvenate // refreshing facial mist to help sooth anxiousness, enhance complexion, and calm the spirit
Treasure, Everlasting $22


Candles // eco-friendly coconut wax with cotton wicks, simple ingredients & fresh scents
Recharge, Heat, Flora, Original, Cinder, Wildwoods $32

Soap Bar // handmade and traditionally air-cured for 6 weeks, light and fresh scents
Recharge, Charcoal, Cinder, Cascadia $12

Mineral Bath Soak // combination of Himalayan pink salts, dead sea salts, and essential oils
Recharge, Soothe $26

Palo Santo Bundle // eco-friendly incense stick harvested from naturally fallen branches off the Palo Santo tree in Equador $10

Mists // multi-functional mists for your face, body, room, or pillows for calming properties 
Rose & Palo Santo, Lavender & Bergamot $19

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