Portrait of a Ceramicist: Jason Russell, Syrk Ceramics from PrettyGoodProductions on Vimeo.

"Working in a medium as old as the human record, SYRK tableware produces ceramic pieces for modern living.  SYRK tableware’s debut collection, Horizon, is the culmination of 15 years of functional ceramics work.

Made on the wheel in a Portland Oregon studio, SYRK’s first porcelain collection evokes minimalist images of sea and sky and the raw and refined. Jason says, “I think about certain images when I am creating.  Landscapes.  Barren landscapes.  Rocks that have not moved for millions, billions of years.  They are sentinels of their environment and they tell a story.” He also points out, “I think it is fascinating that over 10,000 years ago, a person used this process to make a useful object and that practice continues to this day.”   

SYRK aims to produce tableware that will outlast its owner and remind us to slow down for a moment."

Above: beautiful bowls, French butter dish (keeps butter fresh and spreadable), cups/cylinders

Welcome Jason, keep up the beautiful work.

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