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Scarves - Soft and supple scarves to frame that pretty face

Secrid - The Secrid Cardprotector is essential for holding and protecting up to six of your most important cards, such as your credit card, bank card, ID card, driving license, insurance card, etc. Made in Holland.

Daniel Wellington - Elegant and simple with interchangeable bands.  From Sweden. 

Braun - The classic.  Enough said. 

Jewellery - Henderson Dry Goods - Mirror Pendant, Broken English - Bronze Planes, Moorigins - Leaf Pendant, Lirical - Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones, Pyrrha - wide selection of meaningful seals, HK+NP - beautiful new Infinity necklace, Sterling Silver earrings by Monica Berdin, Ceramic Earrings by Claire Madill and Wood Drop Earrings by Henderson Dry Goods. 

Erin Templeton - Leather 'Kiss and Make Up' bag

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