Hold Handmade

Made by hand in Vancouver, Hold focuses on producing one of a kind pieces with an emphasis on the use of sustainable materials. Maria Roth founded her business in 2009 and hopes to create products of beauty and curiosity for her clients. Through careful material sourcing and producing all products by hand in Vancouver, Roth ensures that her products are the most ethically made. 

Textile necklaces // designed and handmade in Vancouver, hand felted merino wool from New Zealand, each unique in colour and style.

Necklace No. 4 // ruby cord with contemporary brass beads

Contemporary brass beads from Africa

Necklace No. 17 // ochre cord with 19th century glass beads

Century old glass beads from Africa

Necklace No. 6 // teal cord with contemporary brass beads

Hand tooled beads from Ethiopia

Necklace No. 12 // blue cord with contemporary ebony beads 

Contemporary African wood beads inlaid with coin silver alloy

Necklace No. 14 // teal cord with late 19th century silver beads

Silver and alloy metal African beads

This is just a taste of what Hold Handmade has to offer so stop by to take a look at the rest of the collection! 

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