Mon Petit Art

Through the collaboration of many artists, Mon Petit Art introduces art in their creations, toys, and artistic activities that inspire children to explore their own creativity. Manufactured in the European Union, this company brings high quality fun to keep your young ones busy this fall. 

3D City //

Discover Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Barcelona and London in 3D and and in miniature, designed by Mon Petit Art artists. 3D Color City is an artistic experience for the grown-ups and a design object for the adults. 

Colour Gommettes //

This colouring book comes with dozens of beautiful stickers, that are to be stuck on the wonderful drawings, wherever kids like or on the dedicated sites.

Triada //

A unique construction experience, that will inspire children and adults to criss-cross wood and to invent amazing geometrical structures and wonderful wefts.

Triada Star //

Inspired by the origami figures and going back over the idea of repeating, designer Gonzalo Arbutti has developed a playful system made of 18 identical pieces in natural and stainted wood, which allows to explore new configurations. Placed on top of each other or juxtaposed, the pieces give life to ethereal or openwork figures and can also assemble in beautiful stars. 

Collage Black //

This black colouring book includes 8 decor sheets especially designed by artists and 2 gold and silver sheets with shapes to be cut, allowing to realize beautiful collages. 

Time to cosy up and get creative this fall!

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