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Harlow Skin Co. brings us a whole new selection of body butters, body mists, candles, and even eye elixirs as we begin to get cosy for the fall. The CEO and Creative Director, Chrystal Macleod, creates her products with whole ingredient blends to nourish, repair, and protect your skin. Harlow creates a variety of self-care products based around integrity, health, and well-being. 

Body Butters

Perfectly rich and luxurious with a scent that lingers.  Available in a variety of scents. $30, 5.5oz


Body Whips

Lightweight and perfectly nourishing, our Vegan formula is soothing with a light scent. Available in a variety of scents. $30 5.5oz



8 oz hand poured, eco-soy candle fashioned with a wood wick for aesthetic and a clean burn. Available in a variety of scents. $26


Face Potions

Floral essences blended with pure petal infusions in jojoba oil, created to enhance the complexion and calm the spirit.  Prime your skin, set your makeup and boost hydration. Available in scents Everlasting and Treasure. $22

Bath Soaks

Unwind with calming Chamomile and Orange folded amongst detoxifying Himalayan Pink salts and Coarse Dead Sea salts.  Sprinkle desired amount into bathtub for a beautifully soothing soak. $24

Eye Repair Elixirs

Treat your eyes with this vitamin-packed and super hydrating formula. Stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness. $42

Visit us to sample some of Harlow's newest products! 

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