In need of some new footwear to combat this upcoming fall weather? Make sure to take a look at our Fall collection of Natives that are just in! We've got some for both kids and adults that will keep you dry and in style throughout the next few months. And in their signature 'keep it light' design - the winter collection won't weigh you, or your little ones down.  


Fitzsimmons Kids // water resistant, easy pull tab and neoprene lining. An ideal boot for our West Coast autumn. $80


Jimmy Winter Kids // water resistant, 'beast-free' liner, side zip and easy pull tab. $85


Jimmy Kids // water resistant, side zip and easy pull tab. $72


Apollo Rain // *new, waterproof, easy slip on and flattering slim profile for both men and women. $95

Fitzroy // *also new to their collection, water resistant, eva outsole, ballistic nylon with water resistant backing. $130


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