Beautiful, sunny weather means wedding season is among us! Do you know any happy couples who are getting maried in the next few months? If so, find your wedding gifts at our store- we have a variety of lovely items that would fit perfectly in the couple's new home as they start their lives together.

These items are all beautifully crafted and made with design in mind. Give a gift that the couple will use and love!

Menu Chunk - starting from $27.30

Raw and robust candle holder; comes in wood with brass top or marble with copper top. When the candle burns the light will reflect in the top and produce a beautiful glow. 

J Schatz Planter - $169

Handcrafted glossy stoneware tabletop planter; fits small indoor and outdoor plants. Also available in six colours.

J Schatz Hummingbird Feeder - $160

Handcrafted glossy stoneware feeder; modern and colourful feeders that attract hummingbirds and look great in your backyard. Also available in six colours. 

J Schatz Egg Birdhouse - $195

Handcrafted glossy stoneware birdhouse; beautiful home for small birds to hatch their young. Also available in seven colours. 

Roost Marble Boards - starting from $75

White marble and shesham wood boards; elegant boards can be used for serving or cutting, marble naturally keeps fruits and cheese cool. 


Potting Shed Growbox (Basil. Chives. Oregano) - $72

Windowsill grow box; handmade and packaged in a recycled steel planter, start your own mini garden the easy way.

Menu Wine Breather Carafe - $63 

Wine aerator; adds 10x more oxygen to your wine in two minutes. Press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so that the wine flows into the decanter. Serve in carafe or pour back into original bottle to serve.

Menu Cool Breather - $63

White wine aerator; aerates and opens up wine upgrading the taste sensation, comes with reusable cooling stick to keep wine fresh and cool. 


Congratulations to all the happy couples!


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