Day four has arrived!

This is going to be a busy weekend for some - whether you're getting your christmas tree, arranging a christmas party or better yet, going to a couple - you're going to be on the go! Maybe you're used to being so busy, or maybe it reminds you of someone who is constantly busy year-round. A student perhaps? Your friend with three different projects on the go at all times? Whoever it is, we have something to make their busy lives a little bit easier on them. 

Moleskine weekly planner - $25

The perfect accessory to any busy lifestyle, this planner leaves you enough room to write down all of the events of the day, plus it comes in lots of nice colours!


Urbanears headphones - $50-$70 ($95 for limited edition patterns)

Urbanears offers a colourful solution to your headphone woes. They come in three different styles as well, so everyone can be happy! Anyone who works better with background music will appreciate these. 


Sahn helmets - $129

Everyone knows someone who insists on biking to work, no matter the weather. While I choose to appreciate their resilience from afar, you can appreciate them face to face by handing them a stylish new helmet. This Vancouver company makes helmets in a variety of colours as well.


Fjallraven kanken backpack - $80

Straight from Sweden, Fjallraven landed with a swoosh here in the west coast. The quintessential choice for the person on the go, this backpack features a full frontal open, so you can tetris all of your things together to make the most of it.  

Joco coffee cup - 12oz $30, 16oz $32

What fuels a busy body more than COFFEE! This mug is is thick-walled BPA free glass and is microwave safe. The sizing is modelled after standard disposable coffee cup sizes so you don't have to worry about receiving a puzzled look from your barista when you hand it to them.

Izola flask and funnel - 3oz $30, 5oz $33, funnel $11

And when your day is finally done, sometimes it takes a little bit more than Bossa Nova's Bruno Mars cover to unwind. Give a little bottle of warmth this season with these pocket-sized flasks. 



If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 


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