Kids always bring the magic to Christmas. The excitement in their eyes when you mention Santa Claus, or when you ask them who their favourite reindeer is. What holiday party is complete without a kid's table? The holidays really are a special time for those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngsters.  Here are some gifts for them. 


Gummy bear nightlight - $37

Cute cummy bear night lights make the perfect gift for someone who still prefers sleeping with a light on (not reserved for children!). Just squeeze the tummy and the light turns on and off! The light itself is LED and the light has an automatic off switch, where after an hour the light will turn off by itself. We carry red, yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and white.


Mon Petit Colour gommettes - $12

These fun colouring books out of France feature creative designs, and each book comes with a set of stickers in the back. 


Areaware Blockitecture - $31

For the future architect, these building blocks are based off the brutalist architecture from the 1950's-1970's. Fun to readjust and form new shapes and structures. 


Padraig slippers - $28-$43

Super soft, super fuzzy, these slippers are made with natural materials and come in sizes for newborns, B3, B5, B7 and C9. 


Habitadule - $122

This is a great way to keep the kids busy. Build, take apart, and build it a new way - these panels are made from a pressed cardboard and finished in a way to keep them durable. 


Cozy Classics - $9.95

Made by two brothers in Vancouver, these are the cutest books for someone learning how to read. Every book includes ten words carefully chosen to tell the story of a classic novel and paired with a beautiful photograph of felted characters reenacting the story. 


A World of your Own - $22.95

For a more advanced reader, this is a book all about imagination. Laura Carlin takes you through her day of creating a new world to live in, complete with a shop for superheroes, mix n' match animal creations, noodle factories and more. A real treat for a budding creative mind.



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