Well, the week has arrived - our next exhibit "Some Assembly Required" is right around the corner, Wednesday to be exact (6-9pm). It's always exciting when we have a show because it gives us and our clients a chance to mingle with the bright and creative people of our community. This show features some great local industrial designers and their interesting 'assembly-requiring' designs.  While we'd like to keep the products a bit of a secret until then (surprises are fun!) here's a taste of what some of the designers involved have done in the past.

Henry Sun 'Frost Lamp'

Espiritu Design Studio 'Polygon Jar'

Rowan Liivamagi 'vessels'


If you aren't able to stop by for the show, that's okay. You have plenty of time to drop by and participate in A Good Book Drive!

A Good Book Drive was started in 2012 by two locals Cory Ashworth and Lizzy Carp. The idea is that you bring in your favourite children's book to a drop-off point (Walrus is a drop off point!) and leave a note inside to any future readers about why the book is special to you. It's a really cool idea that brings a personal narrative to the book that you donate. I always love finding little notes left behind in books, like a tiny little window to the past reader. This year's books will be donated to One to One, a local literacy program for kids. Come through by the end of November to make your contribution. 




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