You may have seen these mugs last on Instagram, but let's get a little more personal with them and the creators behind them. 

UP KNÖRTH BIER KRUG, $45.00 each

UP KNÖRTH is a Vancouver lifestyle brand all about functional and style-conscious adventure, whether you are passionate about camping, hiking, or hunting. The brand strives to provide unique and functional products that are simultaneously durable and sustainable. Quality and design are never jeopardized with no plastic, polyester, or nylon use. Up Knörth also has an elegantly curated blog featuring a wide range of articulate angles on food, DIY, architectural design, agriculture, and more. 

"The UP KNÖRTH Bier Krug is purpose-built to keep your favourite microbrew at the temperature you like it best - COLD. These vessels are thrown by hand, dipped to a white glaze and individually branded and serial coded. The choice to use ceramic instead of glass is due to the simple nature of ceramics; it acts as a non-heat conductor while 'holding' cold for extended periods of time. The ergonomics of the rim make the krug comfortable to drink from, while the overall shape and handle enable holding it as both a sleeve or mug.

Use: Keep them in the freezer to have on hand or for a quick chill rinse with water and place in freezer for 5-10 minutes. Dishwasher safe. Also suitable for enjoying (and keeping hot) warm beverages; mulled wine, tea and your morning coffee.

Measures approximately, 5L (16.9 fl oz) to the brim

Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC by ceramic artist Robyn Williams."

Cheers, have a happy (and always safe!) weekend.

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