Perfect as little thougtful gestures or as add-ons to your Valentine's gift(s), they're affordable as they are enjoyable.
DeKoop Felt Keyring, $10
Also available in charcoal, magenta, golden yellow, pale blue, and heather grey.

Chocolat Swiss, $4/ small bar (1.75 oz), $6/ large bar (3.5 oz)
Small: Dark, Almond, Orange, or Milk Chocolate
Large: Dark, Baobab Fruit, or Chili
Words Fail Me by Teresa Monachino, $12.95
"Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why is lisp so hard to say if you have one? ... An enchanting romp through the peculiarity of the English language."
Urbanears - Slussen, $20.00 (grape featured)
Adapter for a pocket-size DJ set right on your iPhone with headphones and sound system jacks.
Also available in pumpkin and tomato.

Slim wallet by Anna Gukov, $75.00
Vegetable dyed leather, hand-made in Vancouver.
Billy Kirk Card Case with Flip Closure, $95.00 (available in black leather)

MENU Chunk, Large and Small (left to right), design by Andreas Engesvik, $88/ $66
Chunk of marble with copper, 7.5cm x 7.5cm high, holds regular candles.

Izola Toiletry Bags, $55 each
All designs available in store, versatile use (including stationary, cosmetics, misc.)
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