We're a week away from Mother's Day- when we can shower the women in our lives (more than usual) with hugs, kisses, and gifts. Treat them with one of these six gift ideas that every mother-figure deserves. 

Harlow // locally produced skin and body care- moisturizing body oils, facial mists, bath salts, cheek & lip tint (*our favourite)- for someone who's been craving a DIY spa getaway.

Jackie Frioud // locally handmade ceramics- carafes, mugs, serving bowls, cereal bowls, vases- for someone who loves locally made art.

Form & Forest // leather-crafted bowls for someone who loves bright colours and home decor.

d'Blanc // Handcrafted Italian-made sunglasses for.. well, everyone.

Hold Handmade // locally crafted felt necklaces- each featuring international vintage beads- for someone who loves bold jewelry.

J Schatz // hand-made ceramic planters for someone who appreciates greenery in the house.

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