If you're looking to send someone something extra to accompany a greeting card, here is a great gift that combines the two! Gift-a-Green is the greeting card that grows and is all made out of BC. 

Available in 5 greetings, each corresponding to a different microgreen: Happy Birthday (sunflower), Thank You (arugula), Congratulations (mustard), Thinking of You (kale), and I Love You (radish). They are all freshly sealed and packaged with non-GMO organic soil and microgreen seeds that will grow into healthy and delicious microgreens that you can eat on its own or add to your dishes. Just cut the pack open and begin watering, the pouch is the pot. In 1-2 weeks you should see your microgreens popping up. 

Each pack also can be mailed within Canada and have space on the back for you to write a message to the gift receiver. 

What are microgreens?

They are essentially the baby versions of the mature vegetable, when the first few leaves begin to appear. Higher in nutritional value than their mature counterparts, these are a great idea to use as garnishes and to add flavour. 

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