This is ulat- handmade wool dryer balls for a quicker and more environmentally-friendly drying process. This vancouver company has found great success since launching in 2011 and the journey comes with a great story. 
I had the pleasure of talking to Jen about her ulat story and the experience she has had throughout the journey. 

(team ulat) 
What inspired you to begin this journey?
I have always enjoyed making fibre form gifts for friends and family at Christmas time. Our family needed to cut costs and so I did a little research on what I could make with my existing materials. One thing led to another and after several prototypes, we developed our own formula for wool dryer balls. We were pleased to create a unique and personal gift and in the process, we discovered our gift had a cost savings beneficial that we were able to pass along to our loved ones. This was truly the most appealing part of this process.

Days after our discovery and as luck would have it, The Soap Dispensary on Main Street in Vancouver opened. My husband and I casually popped in. We met with the owner Linh, and from that moment on, ULAT Wool Dryer Balls went retail.

We can’t take the chore of laundry away, but we can assist in making the process a little less tedious, decrease energy costs for our consumer, provide a completely hypoallergenic solution, and support local resources. This is one task that can be on your own terms and everyone can feel good about it.

What’s been a highlight of your journey?

I absolutely believe everyone who is involved with ULAT benefits. The generous sheep who donate their wool , the Canadian Mill, the farmers, my family, the shops, the end consumer, municipal infrastructure and of course Mother Nature. It’s rare to know that all parties from start to finish can be part of the win-win with a product. ULAT is evidence that it can exist.

What’s something that has come out of starting this business that you didn’t expect would happen? 

Happily there are too many to mention. There have been such wonderful surprises, have developed truly meaningful relationships and have been encircled by the pro-Canadian community that reaches beyond our borders - all while being me and not having to sacrifices my values or alter my commitments.  I think this is pretty remarkable and feel so lucky. 

Are there any new exciting projects we should look out for? 

There is always something new and exciting brewing at ULAT, just have to stay tuned to our social media feeds to learn more about our journey and these wonderful developments. 

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