Syrk Horizons. Ceramics made in Portland, evoking a minimalist image of the sea and sky.
Salt Cellar, far left $62
sale $20
Large Bowl, far right $125
sale $50
Brooks of England Eton Leather Satchel. Can be carried as a briefcase or worn as a backpack.
sale $397.50
Brooks of England Islington Rucksack.
Featuring straps that can be crossed diagonally or secured laterally accross the chest for stability whilst riding.
sale $318.75
Y'a pas le feu au lac, Les Planchas. Chopping boards and display plates.
La simple $62
sale $10
La triple $100
sale $20
Ferm Living Geometric Vases.
Large $92
sale $30
Small $52
sale $30
Y'a pas le feu au lac Cantine. Cork-topped vases made in France.
sale $15
Ferm Living small Spears Tray.
sale $20
Ferm Living Spears Bowl.
sale $60
Y'a pas le feu au lac Perrette containers.
Haute $138
sale $40
Basse $138
sale $40
Mopha Tool Rool. For holding small tools such as those for bicycle-repairing or jewellery-making.
sale $10
Roost Bedside Water Carafe. Cup and carafe combo.
sale $15
Y'a pas le feu au lac Pik Vase.
sale $40
Native Winter shoes. 40% off all remaining stock.
Jimmy Children $60
sale $36
Jimmy Mid $108
sale $64
Raumgestalt  Dance of the Glasses. Handblown in Germany.
Molly, top $125
sale $40
Willi, left, set of two $28
sale $16
Phillippe, centre $19
sale $10
Mary, right $19
sale $10
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